Artist Chemical X will be displaying work at the Art Republic Gallery in London that is sure to grab attention. The artist will show two pieces of work composed of over 12,000 multi-coloured tablets of ecstasy. Lolwut. 

The artist, who created the iconic Ministry of Sound logo over 20 years ago, is apparently trying to address the public opinion around drug usage. 

“Chemical X is not trying to challenge authority with his art, he challenges the perception that people have of social drug taking through the press propaganda that shapes the public’s attitude,” said a spokesman for the artist. “These need to be viewed as works of art as they stop being drugs from the point at which that are permanently sealed into the pieces.”

His work Love & Death stands at six-foot high and depicts a skull-and-crossbones. It is being sold for £100,000 ($128,680). The other piece entitled Taste The Rainbow, a rainbow circle referencing the candy, is being sold for £75,000 ($96450). He will also sell limited edition prints. Anyone who buys the piece is in for a few crazy days.

[via FactMag]