A Psychedelic And/Or Quirky Comedy

If you’re lazy, skip the previous steps and just fast-forward to the finale of smoking and throwing on one of your go-to high flicks. There are several routes to pursue, which will ultimately be decided by the collective chi of whoever else is with you will determine. Survey they room’s energy. Let it guide you. Your first instinct is Incubus: Alive at Redrocks, but you open the case and the DVD is missing (fucking Logan, what a dick, never let that guy borrow anything again). If you feel like getting contemplative and emotionally unsettled, pull out some Aranofsky, but it’s late and there’s no way you’re staying up longer than 86 minutes MAX. Instead, opt for a classic, THC-centered film. Half Baked (duh) is always a good choice, but Grandma’s Boy is underrated. Nobody fucks with a lion and it’s not 4/20 unless dudes fall asleep on your couch watching a movie. In the morning, tell their lazy asses to get the fuck outta your house. It’s Sunday and you’ve got shit to do.