By the time Jean Harlowe's last bottle of bleach ran out, blondes had made their mark in pop culture. What many don't know is that they had already established a place in art history centuries before. 

In the Pre-Raphaelites times, paintings idolized maidens with soft golden locks. The fair-haired subject of many of Picasso's portraits was his blonde mistress, Marie-Therese Walter. If you look very closely, you will see that Degas' famous sculpture of a young ballerina was crafted with real blonde hair. 
"Blondes have more fun," or so the adage goes. Whether you agree or not, blondes have made their mark on modern culture from Rapunzel's locks to Marilyn Monroe's peroxide pouf. In honor of the fair-haired out there, check out The 25 Most Iconic Blondes in Art.