With all the high-end gear we've seen him sport recently, it sometimes skips our minds that Pusha T still runs his streetwear brand, Play Cloths. But the block-ready garments are as much a part of the Virginia native's identity as the draping T-shirts and leather garments that can cost thousands of dollars—each. It's not just an easy source of legal income to your neighborhood-friendly Pusha, he's following the legacy of his mentor's favorite brand, A Bathing Ape.

Pusha visited California's Fresh out the Box to meet fans and build a genuine connection between hip-hop and fashion. "Of course, we came up through the Bape area and we were introduced to it by Pharrell Williams--had a lot to do with birthing that brand, and as far as hip-hop goes, Nigo is someone who really loves the music," Pusha said.

Watch the rest of the video above and hear Pusha discuss how kids went crazy over clothes he got for free.

[via Play Cloths]

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