I·N·C’s new spring collection reflects the vibrance of the season. Focused on four key elements—color, print, detail, and performance—the collection has a playful and sophisticated style. 

COLOR: The I·N·C spring collection explodes with saturated colors. Bold reds, pinks, and oranges set the tone for the warm months to come, while calming blues and grays maintain a grounded sensibility. 

PRINT: With patterns ranging from minimalist stripes and plaids to the more intricate paisleys and South Pacific florals, the spring collection offers a wide variety of prints. 

DETAIL: Fashion, as they say, is in the details—and so is quality craftsmanship. From suit jackets lined with contrasting fabrics, to embroidery, intricate stitching, and brilliantly shaded collars and cuffs, the spring collection features some meticulously crafted detail that makes every piece pop in its own unique way. 

PERFORMANCE: Functionality is just as important as style (well…almost), and the I·N·C spring collection is sleek yet breathable, comfortable yet durable, thanks to the use of some innovative, high-tech fabrics. Its vibe allows for a seamless transition from day-to-night activities.

The I·N·C spring collection boasts runway-inspired, fashion-forward looks that you can effortlessly mix and match. The men’s collection is available only at Macy’s, so be sure to head over to macys.com/incmen for a closer look.