Legendary mini-book series, FRANK, celebrated its 51st chapter in New York City last night at the Bowery Hotel. Hosted by publisher Stephen Malbon with tons of amazing guests from Raekwon to RZA, Shi Yan Ming, and Jim Jarmusch, the dinner and party showed what the publication is truly about—moving culture and bringing New York together for something real, dynamic, and historic.

The 51st chapter is themed "Leaders," and it couldn't have been better curated. Va$htie interviews Jonathan Mannion, Miss Info interviews Eddie Huang, Sean Avery interviews Casey Neistat, and much more. While they haven't released the book for sale yet, we have a few pages you can preview and enjoy before the real thing. It's infinitely inspiring for anyone trying to make it in a creative field. If nothing else, its art direction and photography remain on another level. Stay tuned.