The true test of the Americana trend is how much it can stand up and look normal in today's world. Sure, anyone can throw on a pair of overalls, chore coat, and Vibram-soled boots to chop wood in a sun-faded barn upstate and look cool. But how would you look hanging out in Queens?

Left Field NYC makes great workwear: triple-needle-stitched workshirts, selvedge canvas chinos, and textured T-shirts. However, you can wear these garments and not look like the oddball who waltzed off the railroad line. The brand's spring/summer 2013 lookbook details clothes that you could do manual labor in, but really, you'll wear to run to the bodega or go on a date. That's OK. They'll still last you more years than you can count. And to boot, the selvedge canvas chinos might be the most awesome pants around. You'll look put together but won't mind if they get a tad dirty.

Still, the best part about these clothes (besides from looking great), are the American and Japanese-made fabrics. That's what makes them so strong. Of course, not everything made in a first-world country is intimidatingly better, but we're positive that Cone Mills fabric won't wither away in your daily urban struggle.

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