To no surprise, the announcement of John Galliano's three-day course at Parsons was met with mixed reactions. Some are opposed to it, while others support it. These designers and Parsons alumni, for instance, fall into the latter. According to them, the students would be lucky to learn from Galliano.

"It could be great for the kids," Tracy Reese, one of the greatest black fashion designers, told "I mean, he's had a tough time. I think he's truly sorry for everything that went down. And [Parsons] is still the best. Having been in the industry all these years, Parsons is the place to be."

Tim Gunn, former Parsons chair of design, added saying that Galliano is a "master" of his craft and design. "I applaud the opportunity. You know, The New School has always been a risk-taking institution and it's one that will do the provocative. And if it's going to happen anywhere, it's going to happen within the halls of The New School. It's taking the high road, and I have great respect for it."

What's your take on the situation?

[via Elle]