Croatian designer Damir Doma recently sat down for a quick interview with to talk about his new installation at Dover Street Market, Pitti Uomo, and more. One of the more interesting things from their chat, though, was what Doma had to say about the shout-out he received from A$AP Rocky in the rapper's song "Fashion Killa." 

"It's not the key for me," Doma told about whether he thinks about such co-signs from celebrities, "but I know that it's a key for certain people. Particularly the A$AP Rocky thing was funny, but I wasn't the only one named! What was funny was that he named everyone that he knows! But it's good, too, that he knows me and likes me. [Laughs]"

If you haven't Googled Doma yet, you're probably going to after you read this sentence. 

Check out the rest of the interview here.