Le Memé just invented #trollwear. What the fuck is Le Memé, you ask? Le Memé is an insane website dedicated to the amazing, brutally dumb genius of the Internet and they’ve decided to sell T-shirts because why the fuck not? Their new extremely relevant tee came out of nowhere to claim the Heavyweight #Relevant T-Shirt Champion of the Internetz belt, knocking out current #relevant champ Been Trill x Hood By Air on that Buster Douglas tip. This is on some SERIOUS cool guy shit, so if you get it, congrats on being one cool ass bro dood influencer who deserves more Twitter followers or whatever. I'm not sure I get it. But that's because I don't live in New York. Though, I am pretty sure that "707" looks like "LOL" when you're doing a headstand. The 24 hour pre-order for the black joint starts tomorrow at noon. Don't be a nerd and fucking blow it.