I know you started your blog because you needed an "outlet" from your incredibly lame day-to-day. Without such an outlet your creativity would have just continued to build and build, finally collapsing upon itself and exploding into a supernova of artistic vision that the universe wouldn't be able to handle. Actually, that might have been the better move because this slow trickle of creative juices via your Tumblr kinda fucking sucks if I'm being honest. I think a million photos of James Franco dressed up as Riff Raff count as something, but I don’t know what.

Let’s be really real, no one starts a blog because they need an outlet. And maybe you tell people you started a blog to jumpstart your career, but that's half of a lie. All blogs are birthed from a single impetus: Getting free shit. You realize pretty quick that you're never going to see a dime from all this, so you move onto the next best thing. When I realized that companies will send you gear for free I signed up for a Blogspot AND a Wordpress blog just to cover all my bases. Everyone can eventually get some pro bono no-show socks, but the key is parlaying those initial struggle wardrobe injections into the acquisition of more desirable free shit. More. MORE. MOAR. How do you make sure companies keep sending you free stuff until the day you die? YOU MAKE SURE YOUR PRODUCT REVIEWS ARE ON POINT, DUH. How do you do that? C’mon, guys! You are reading an intro to a Four Pins article, so clearly we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know. Fucking relax, bro. Use the goddamn context clues.