One major privilege of living in a heavily-populated city is the ability to head to your favorite shops, try on some new goods, and be on your merry way with one swipe of a credit card. And yet it is becoming increasingly more frequent for style-conscious dudes, in cities and the countryside, to shop online. Whether it's the ease of clicking your way into a new wardrobe or being deathly afraid of human interaction, more and more of our generation are finding solace in e-commerce.

The list of brick and mortars who have opened up an online shop has grown exponentially over the years, and with good reason. Doing so gives stores a bigger presence, and a bigger presence equals more cash money. So, we're here to celebrate those businesses who have gone the extra mile within the last year to bring us more online options and who have done it right. Get that log-in and account info up to date as you check out The 8 Best New Online Menswear Shops.

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