Kanye West was among the VIPs to attend the TEFAF Antiques Fair in Maastricht, considered the world's biggest art and antiques fair. The last time we heard from West, he was reminding us that he gave Sway his first TV in reaction to placing seventh on MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game VIII" list, but we're glad to get a word from him regarding some rare art.

Though he didn't say a lot to the press at the art fair, he did have a comment about a particular sculpture, a Tibetan 11-headed Avalokiteshvara bronze sculpture dating from around 1400. He told Bloomberg, "I like the vibe."

Being dealt by Rossi and Rossi, it appears that the work is still for sale. According to them, "The ten heads [of Avalokiteshvara] below symbolise the steps on the path to enlightenment of the Buddha, and the principal hands held before the heart symbolically protect the ratna jewel of this enlightened state." It's also quite important, as "it is one of the largest recorded early Tibetan bronzes of this iconic form of the deity, and certainly one of the most aesthetically successful."

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[via Bloomberg]