Kanye West isn’t one to care what anyone thinks about his style. He can practically wear anything and pull it off—and possibly start a trend or two. Even other rappers followed suit and started rocking the look. But remember when he wore a kilt on national television for the Concert for Sandy Relief? Everyone and their moms had jokes.

Now Yeezy might be having second thoughts. British tabloid, The Sun reports, “The father-to-be has allegedly asked photo agency Getty Images to remove all photos of him wearing the skirt at a concert in aid of Hurricane Sandy last December after receiving jibes from fellow rappers.” Usually, you can call bullshit since The Sun isn’t the most reliable of news sources, but one quick search for the kilt photos on Getty Images and you will see that they’re all gone. Gawker even confirmed the news with Getty. It worked for the meme-worthy Beyonce Super Bowl performance pictures, so why not. Maybe he just got tired of all the skirt jokes, and he used all that power to scrub the photos from one part of the Internet. Wish we could do the same for our unflattering Facebook pictures. Those things are forever.

[via Jezebel]