Nail art is not just your little sister's hobby anymore. Everyday it's becoming more and more clear that nail art is a valid form of art, despite it having firm roots in the world of beauty and fashion. Women with fine art backgrounds, and some with just natural born gifts, are creating nail designs so incredible that they're collaborating with big name brands and curators to turn nail art into a sustainable career.

If that doesn't persuade you, take a look at Chicago-based artist, Dzine, who didn't let gender get in his way when he published Nailed: The History of Nail Culture and Dzine. He then created numerous subsequent nail art exhibits in museums around the globe.

So let's say you've heard rumblings of nail art before. Your homegirls' Instagram is full of pics of her nails. You've heard of the WAH! Nails girls.* You've overheard the women in your office talk about their manis costing them over $100 every other week. Well, here are 20 nail artists you may have never heard of but certainly should know.

*WAH! Nails is damn near a household name, so although we appreciate their work, they were excluded from this list to give some lesser-known chicas the appropriate shine.

20 Nail Artists You Should Know

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