Last August, Shirley Hornstein was caught in a web of lies. After using made-up job titles and Photoshopping herself into pictures with influential tech people and celebrities, she was ousted by Techcrunch as a fraud. While time has passed since she was humiliated for her actions, she recently published a public apology note on her Tumblr.

She admits to taking the situation too far, saying, "Deep down I knew this would happen eventually because you can’t build your life based on lies, but what did I do to stop it? I told more lies, created more elaborate stories, abused trust that been given to me and pretended that everything was going to be okay. Fake it ‘til you make it, right? I was so lost."

It seems that some people, especially in the age of Catfish and false Internet personas, are too afraid to be themselves and build an image out of honesty. It's unfortunate that Hornstein used her skills to fool people, and as she knew all along, it backfired.

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[via Petapixel]