For the past few years, I’ve been working on a book and writing on about the increasing number of artists who are treating the Internet like the street. Sometimes the work looks like street art and other times like graffiti, but it all comes fully to life when experienced digitally.

As I’ve written before, for some of these artists, a physical work exists, but it’s the performance that matters most. For others, the work is entirely digital, and yet it still either appears similar to or function similarly to graffiti or street art. If street art and graffiti are about putting work in front of people’s eyeballs, then it makes sense that the same artists interested in working outdoors would make art for a digital audience now that our eyeballs are always in front of screens rather than scanning the walls of a city. Many of these artists’ projects are featured in my upcoming ebook on street art and the internet, due out sometime later this year.

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