Rick Owens was an early adopter of goth-inspired style. His collections are characterized by asymmetric shapes, bias cuts, and monochromatic color palettes. At times, the silhouettes are exaggerated, but it works because the avant garde designer makes them in breathable fabrics with a little give. Although some critics find his designs repetitive, that lingering vision established an aesthetic that's attributed to him.

Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy is also known for his fascination with gothic touches in his collections. His menswear looks often mix goth and religious references, and he has a solid awareness of the streetwear world.

Alexandre Plokhov, former co-designer of defunct brand Cloak, pushed this exaggerated aesthetic in his namesake label. In fact, he called his Fall 2012 collection "a stylistic fan letter" to Glenn Danzig and Andrew Eldritch, the leading men of iconic gothic rock bands. 

Other notable designers in this fashion genre include Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester,  Croatian designer Damir Doma, and Alexander Wang, who infuses a sportier vibe into it with items like all-black varsity jackets and suede baseball jerseys.