Was this your first or second Market Week? Doesn’t all the camaraderie and peacocking make the time just fly by? Has it "really inspired you"? I know, right? Everyone at Market Week is just so nice and encouraging. Who would’ve thought people trying to sell you something would be so nice? You’ve been blogging for a year or two now, picking out only the coolest pictures to post on the Internet. You’ve noticed that all the new stores and brands are "selling the same thing" and why isn’t someone carrying this crazy awesome obscure Japanese label that won’t let you take photos of their garments or sell them using anything other than the barter system? And thank god you never posted from your secret inspiration folder. You know why? Because it’s time you start your own brand, that's why! Or open your own store! You’ve been day dreaming about it for years now and it's time to pull the motherfucking trigger. As any small business loan officer will tell you, it's not that easy. See, that's where we come in. We've got your back assuming you'll hook it up with a discount, or free shit if that's easier, of course. So, without further ado, here's our patented a guide to starting your own brand. We're finna help you drop the hammer of justice on these jokers.