Who He Is: Designer, SSUR

While his "COMME des FUCKDOWN" merchandise made SSUR a household name to hypebeasts everywhere, Russ' status as a member of the OG streetwear community is undisputed among cool guy inner circles—dude's had a brick and mortar shop in NYC since 2009. Born in Soviet Ukraine, Russ grew up in Brooklyn as a fan of Shawn Stüssy. He adopted Stüssy's graphic-based apparel early on, feeling it was the perfect medium to display his artwork. It was only some time before the subversive messaging now synonymous with SSUR came along. For the moment, it's nearly impossible to not see SSUR gear clogging a Tumblr stream or Instagram feed—whether it's a Rolex parody tee or Futura collab. But those aren't his only claims to fame—the SSUR "Ne Blatuy" T-shirt is legendary.