Who He Is: Founder, BBC/Ice Cream

In 2005, Pharrell leveraged his superstar status to begin a BAPE-inpsired collection of tees, hoodies, and sneakers. With Nigo as his mentor, Pharrell's involvement with his label definitely runs deeper than most celebrity lines. He's more than just the face of the brand, he's sitting in meetings and signing off on designs, and actually running a business. Although Nigo's own BAPE line faltered and was eventually sold to I.T. Group Hong Kong in 2011, BBC remains a private, independent venture.

It doesn't hurt that in 2011, Jay-Z partnered with him to take the brand to the next level. From a collaboration with Palladium boots that resulted in an exploration of post-earthquake Japan, recruiting Complex Style's Man of Next Year Mark McNairy to design the high-end Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club Collection, or his role as Creative Director of KarmaloopTV, it's clear Williams not only has finger firmly on the pulse of streetwear and youth culture, he's still the most prominent voice in the conversation.