Who She Is: Founder, Married to the MOB

In 2004, streetwear was not only a predominantly-male world, but women in the industry were harder to find than the newest limited-edition sneaker. Nearly nine years later, women in streetwear are doing their thing and in some cases calling the shots for some of the most well-respected brands on the planet. This shift in streetwear gender roles can largely be attributed to the efforts of Leah McSweeney, who founded her label Married to the MOB in 2004. The label's strength has always been combining female-centric graphics with a middle-finger-to-the-world attitude.

Today, Married to the MOB is still one of the strongest and most diversified streetwear labels on the market, and has inspired an innumerable amount of women's brands in the process. She didn't do it alone though, as her sister Sarah McSweeney is one of the hottest girls in streetwear, and Futura progeny Tabatha McGurr provides the brand's voice through her writing. With a crew like that, perhaps Leah is holding the crown as the reigning "Supreme Bitch" of streetwear.