Sandro makes clothes for the dude who can wear white to an all-night rager, eat at a crazy overcrowded greasy diner and still come out skraight shining like a heavenly angel. He also has really random friends that pop up at really helpful times. Like, that time you needed to score a table last minute for New Year’s Eve because your idea of sitting at home and falling asleep at 10:45 wasn’t germinating with your girlfriend. So, you called your buddy who, at the 25th hour, called you back and said, “Okay, I got you a table. My buddy is gonna hook it up. But your name for the night is Jose and you have to use the kitchen entrance and can only go to the bathrooms on the right side of the bar.” What the fuck? That guy always has slick ass clothes on—simple bombers and baseball jackets and dope sneakers. Are you that guy? Probably not. At least you can dress like that guy.


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