Pharrell Williams is one of the most influential people in style and music, that's nothing new. But do you know about the ideas and inspirations behind his work? Hypebeast recently caught up with the mogul to discuss music, style, and more. Also, you can get some insight into what it is like working with Mark McNairy. Read the choice excerpts we picked out below, and check out the complete interview here.

[via Hypebeast]

Moving on to the clothing, what interests you the most in fashion nowadays? What do you find inspires you most?

I like individuality more than I like anything else. Fashion is great, the followers are cool but I love individuality – I love when people take things and make it themselves.

Would you say fashion is the starting point and it’s more to do with what you do with it?

Yeah, I’m less interested in the manikins. The guys who look like everybody else, the ‘me too’ people. That’s cool, I mean there’s room out there for something for everyone and to appreciate in everyone but you’re asking me about what I think? I think individuality trumps all. BBC is now more democratic, it’s a lot more accessible.

Do you like it being more accessible?

I just want it to grow.

So you’re not concerned with the limited distribution kind of thing?

I mean certain things are limited. We’ll still do things that are limited but the full range will be available to the masses. The limited element is the most important part, but I want to be able to grow the brand too.

How is it working with Mark McNairy on Bee Line?

Mark’s a genius.

Any difficulties while working with him?I know he’s got a very strong personality too.

No, he’s a Southern guy so, I mean I understand him very well.

Any interesting stories at all?

In all he’s just a really nice guy, when it comes to press he has very short answers and it’s always very funny to watch.