Mark McNairy keeps the pulse and fun of the menswear community beating. The designer's collection for fall/winter 2013 received a brief glimpse, and sticks the equivalent of a toe out from the shadows. Four looks have been leaked so far, and the looks play off of McNairy's "middle finger up to tradition" attitude. Have an Ivy League blazer? McNairy says "bullshit." Have a stack of "fun" shirts? You don't have this "fun" blazer. And the textured wool blazer is hard to describe in any other terms besides "fucking rad." Maybe streetwear truly has combined with menswear, but at least the garments have the same integrity as vanilla pieces that were worn on college campuses across the East Coast before most of us were born. That's why McNairy continues to be the talk of menswear writers, and shakes up any news day with unexpected releases or designs. We're sure folks can't wait to see the remainder of the collection, and what off-beat muses it channels.

[via Esquire]