Will Barras

Rule: Evolve.

"I dont know if I am a successful street artist; I do OK, but you know, I could do better...The advice I would give is to try not to get stuck repeating one character or style over and over again; try to evolve, even if it's a very slow change, like the hour hand on a clock. This is for life-create your own universe and learn to paint and draw as well as you can. Somehow try to find places where you really feel like making work, because it's not always easy to start. When you're trying to make the best work, it's not always enjoyable, and you have to work hard sometimes. Working in different places under different conditions can make interesting new things happen (being inside, outside, time restrictions, collaborations, medium, music, booze, etc.) This won't necessarily make you successful, but you might make some good work and some good friends."


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