How & Nosm

Rule: Endlessly explore ways to express yourself.

"In our early years as (graffiti) writers, we were searching for ways to coin the style of our work. Now it's more about refining and experimenting with our work, being able to translate it in an honest way, and having fun doing what we want to do (and not what others expect). Your creativity and work should evolve with a fearless approach. We are realistic about our goals but also aren't intimidated by big ideas. Having the discipline and motivation to keep working is important. We've managed to stay on course and don't allow distractions to get in our way."

Website / @hownosm

How & Nosm's "Late Confessions" exhibition opens at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery pop-up exhibition space on 557 W 23rd Street in New York City and will be on view from February 1 to February 23, 2013. Inquiries can be directed at