This is like a parka-poncho, right? No? Well, it seems way more stacked than your average parka. If you were a good son you would grab one of these for your dad. Remember in the 4th grade when that guy would drop you off at your soccer game? Guy had 15 snot-nosed little fucks in the back of the 7-seater minivan on the way to the game. He was praying that it was rained out, so he didn’t have to watch a bunch of stupid little kids chase a ball all over the field for an hour, all the while wearing that $5 poncho glorified garbage bag that didn’t keep him dry for shit, but, like, they never did get rained out did they? Hook him up with one and he’ll definitely break down and cry, remembering all the times you fucking sucked and he still had to watch you play a sport as boring as soccer.