Many people have difficulty getting up in the morning for work. Sankalp Sinha, a 19-year-old from India, came up with a product designed to guarantee people aren't late to their jobs. It's a bit drastic, but the singNshock Alarm Clock has an optional feature that delivers micro-volts of electric current when the aluminum coated off switch is pushed on the top of the clock. The electricity is made to quite literally shock a person into consciousness.

Sinha had a personal interest creating such a product: "The idea came to me in 2008 when I woke up late every morning and I wanted to change that. Then I thought what if we had an optional shock feature in the clock which would serve the purpose of changing that habit," Sinha said. 

The alarm clock also features a music player that allows users to wake up to their favorite tunes, but it's the electric shock that has people raving. "I am getting a great response from the community as many people are tweeting and facebooking about it," Sinha said. "They are talking about how this product can change their lives by changing their waking habits."

Although the design is not currently in production, Sinha is on the hunt to get a manufacturer to make this product a reality.