Bruno Zhu

Based in: London

The youngest photographer on our list, Bruno Zhu (born 1991 in Porto, Portugal), recently presented his compositionally compelling work through Carlos/Ishikawa at A PETITE FAIR, a four-gallery event held at Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art during the Amsterdam Art Weekend. This showcase followed a solo exhibition entitled Grass Warm Trifecta at the London gallery last March, which featured a meditative series of 6 x 4-foot c-prints. Zhu has also published a number of beautiful handmade books; one of the most recent, The Palace Explodes The Shrimp Bail, When The Flower Want To Oxygen and Nutrition, I Will Help You Too Much, a co-venture with fellow photographer, Mengxi Zhang, was featured in Binding Image's December art book exhibition at MuzyQ in Amsterdam. Look out for further development of his Turbo series in 2013.


Above: Bruno Zhu, Untitled, 2012, Carlos/Ishikawa, London