While this list might introduce you to a few names who weren't formerly on your radar, its primary purpose is to further brighten the spotlight on a group of artists who are already being talked about - who are making a powerful entry into the new year with at least twelve solid months (in some cases, many more) of exhibitions and events behind them. Some are more established than others, but all are at a pivotal place in their careers, as the increased interest from collectors, curators and critics only serves to reinforce. Rather than offer my subjective opinion on their work, I thought it would be more valuable and educational to focus on their recent career achievements and upcoming projects, the combination of which more than underline why they are the ones to watch both in 2013 and for many years to come.

All images on the slideshow that follows are (c) the respective artists, galleries and institutions.

Written by Elisa Carmichael (Editor-in-chief, Tasj magazine)

25 Artists to Watch in 2013

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