It’s safe to say that Maharishi’s head designer Hardy Blechman is an expert on camouflage. Not only does he incorporate it in plenty of his designs, his DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material is probably every creatives favorite point of reference for all things camo. PORT Magazine's David Hellqvist caught up with MHI founder and found out that camo is not really a military invention.

He states that “it comes from the study of natural history, which long ago recognised and categorised camouflage techniques used in nature by animals.” And his “research for DPM really shows that camouflage has been hijacked by the military, taken from artists and scientists.” This is when one of G.I. Joe’s now-you-know public service announcements comes on in your head, and you release a collective aha! moment. To get more on to why camo was developed visit the Port Magazine website for the full interview.

[via slamxhype]