Sam Spina

Illustrator, Cartoonist

Has Illustrated For: Bucketfeet, Colore Italian Restaurant, The Indie Grits Film Festival, Fork and Spoon Records, Tyler Dominic Creative, Colorado Daily, The Nickelodeon Theatre

Rule: Go to a coffee shop.

"What's that? You don't drink coffee? I thought you said you wanted to be a freelance illustrator. It can be so discouraging to sit at home in front of your computer, click through blog after blog of artists that are infinitely better than you, as your blank paper lays there, mocking you. Maybe if you just took a quick video game break...NO! Just go to a coffee shop! Bring your sketchbook and don't come home until you come up with 3 or 4 OK ideas. (Pro-tip: it's a plus if you find a coffee shop that also serves beer...)"

Website / @spinadoodles