Jason Wong

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Has Illustrated For: Bath & Body Works, Billionaire Boys Club, BBDO, Chronicle Books, Gap, Heath Ceramics, Martha Stewart Weddings, Maxim, Men's Health Magazine, and others

Rule: Never copy for client work.

"It's easy to look around and be inspired by the things you like and even emulating it for your own personal growth. We all know that art isn't created in a vacuum and certain copying is part of the creative process. This is the way we learn. But when it comes down to client work, the work created should always be original for the assignment no matter what the project is. The creative industry is too small of a community and those who copy always get found out. It's a terrible feeling when you see your own work being copied by someone for a client.... and to know that this person thinks of themself as 'creative' surely needs a kick in the throat."

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