It can be hard for a guy to find the right tie, and some guys don't feel comfortable wearing ties at all. There's a good chance that even though you have handfuls of chambray shirts, raw denim, and oxford-cloth shirts, your tie selection still looks like your high school prom. That's awful. On the bright side, Goruck, maker of heavy-duty rucksacks, has just designed a tie that makes you feel like a man.

Made from the same durable material as its rucksacks, The Man Tie comes in two different widths and lengths. You can also opt for black, sand, or camo-print makeups. Now you don't have to worry about spilling a beer, glass of whisky, or dripping ketchup on your tie. That's an idea we can get behind. With a retail of $65 you don't have to skip out on your rent either to put this tie in your wardrobe. Take a look at the brand's e-commerce shop for a more detailed view and specifications.

[via Goruck]