Bodega has become the much-publicized—although once secretive—source for New England-area heads who want the most exclusive gear. So when we saw that the convenience store/boutique had stocked up on Filson Black Label outerwear for the winter, it didn't phase us much. From the mind of creative director Richard Chai, Filson's Black Label is a stylish take on the Seattle-based brand's unwavering heritage garments.

Bodega received a shipment of Wool Striped Bomber jackets($395), Waxed Denim Cruiser jackets($375), Plaid Lined Wool Cruiser jackets($350), and Wool Overshirts($195). It's almost hard to pick out which item is our favorite, so we fight the temptation to cop the whole collection. However, if you can't decide as well, peruse the selection here.

[via Bodega]