When you fly and you’re all flustered at the security checkpoint are you ever like, “DAMN, IF I ONLY HAD A DECENT BAG, I’D BE ORGANIZED AND COULD FIND WHATEVER LOOKED SUSPICIOUS ON THE X-RAY IN A TIMELY MANNER"? Me too. Well, The Joinery has our unorganized backs. The Garrison Bag by Winter Session, based out of Chicago, is made with beautiful things like waxed cotton and leather. The fucked up thing about me is I know I’ll get this bag and everything will be super organized in it and I’ll have the right shoes to slip on and off and glide through TSA like a fucking boss, but then I’ll realize I left my passport on the top of my dresser. SIRI, WHY DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO REMIND ME THINGS? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER TO TELL YOU THINGS? I might not always make my flights, but I always have a rad bag.