Sometimes we laugh at buildings that look a bit like a penis. It's ok. Often, the look is intended.

Phallic architecture has roots with ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Both cultures were obsessed with genitalia, and the interest carried into all forms of applied arts. Dick-swinging buildings really came into vogue in the 20th century, as skyscrapers rose across the American prarie and each and every city aimed to showoff the biggest and baddest building. 

In recent years, phallic architecture has taken more humorous turn. Architects often claim feign ignorance when their completed structures bare uncanny resemblance to an erection. These places become (even if just for short moments) tourist attractions and Internet sensations. The idea remains the same: Buildings that look a bit dicks are all around, and never quickly forgotten. 

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous examples of phallic buildings.