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Instagram is the hottest social-networking-photography based thingy going on right now. The amount of people shooting and sharing images is staggering and the people at the top of their game are producing some truly stunning images with a phone.. a fucking phone. Who would have thought people would be getting hired to do advertising campaigns, flown around the world, and selling fine art prints with images taken with a cellphone. You're lying if you said "Me!" So just sit back and check out some of these talented folk that you should be following, because these are the best Instagram users right now.

Written by Daniel Krieger, @smoothdude on Instagram, and an NYC based photographer who regularly shoots for the dining section of the New York Times. His work also appears in publications such as GQ, Time Out New York, Esquire, Elle Decor, and Rolling Stone. His food photography can be seen at and his wedding work can be seen at

The 10 Best Fine Art Photographers on Instagram