In the collaboration that no one could've guessed would ever happen, Shaquille O'Neal and Zales have partnered for a jewelry collection that's dropped just in time for the holidays. The partnership offers 36 pieces for men that includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, all priced between $129 and $500. “The pieces are affordable, sexy, and classy,” the 7'1" four time NBA champion and Kazaam star said. The Man of Steel chose to utilize stainless steel as the main material for his luxe collection

Shaq even tried his hand at selling some of his jewelry at a mall in Texas. After undergoing an intensive training session, Shaq was confident he could move weight. "I know how to sell," he said. "Because I'm the type, like, if a homeboy come in I could be like 'what up, playa.' If a nice business man come in? 'Hello, sir. How can I assist you?' If a sexy young lady comes in, well, you know I know the language of the ladies." 

So what do people think of the superstar's first foray into the jewelry game? The reviews are rolling in, and we found all three of them! Take them with a grain of salt, because these reviews on the Zales site were written by the type of people who leave reviews on the Zales site.

  • "The earings look wonderful and I cant wait to give them to my fiance for Christmas. I may purchase a pair in a different color."
  • "My husband loves basketball and loves gold. I love this ring it really brings out my husbands likes. I would do anything to make him happy."
  • "Drove over 30 miles to view jewelry in the nearest store,tried on most of the jewelry only to fine out that it didn't fit. All rings are size 10.5,was curious what my size was, so I had my ring size measured only to find out it was a 13.0. The braclets were far to small also,I find it hard to believe that jewelry fits Shaq."

If affordable, sexy, and classy jewelry is your thing, then head over to Zales for the Shaquille O'Neal Collection.