Revok's recent studio work has been nothing short of mesmerizing. The legendary LA graffiti artist has expanded his oeuvre, making rough and ready mixed-media assemblages from objects found around his new Detroit home. In Ordinary Things, a newly opened exhibition at Library Street Collective, Revok shows this material alongside photographs of his street murals. Connecting the dots, the common themes and explorations of shape and color come alive. Graffiti as a genre moves from wall to gallery through explorations not just of paint, but of the very essence of the arts intent. The message breaths from the soul of the artist, and Revok has proven the breadth of possibility in his respective niche.

Ordinary Things runs to January 21, 2013.

The Seventh Letter has also released a limited edition T-shirt to coincide with the show.

Library Street Collective, 1260 Library Street, Detroit