Do you ever wonder what the Purple Label version of your life would be like? It’s, like, the full potential of any brand is totally realized and embodied in their Purple Label. And this couldn’t be more true than with The North Face. Do you see how awesome you can be, normal-kinda-boring North Face? This shit looks like winter gear for badass Stormtroopers who don't get killed after 5 seconds of screen time, or that dream level in Inception. Fucking with Scarecrow’s thoughts and dreams with Bane’s help, but in serious style. Just imagine YOU, the Purple Label version. You’d workout at like 6:30 in the morning and be at your desk by 9:00 at the latest. You'd stay an extra ten, fifteen minutes each evening and bang out so much work your weekends would be stress free. There's more: your girlfriend is proud of you. You quit smoking. You eat more whole grains. You even remember things like birthdays and holidays. Too bad Purple Label You is about as hard and expensive to get as North Face Purple Label. Thanks to Hayabusa for the shots.


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