The end of the year is fast approaching and before we move onto the next one, we look back at the year that was. And one way to do so is to put everything in list form. Bing just released its Top Searches of 2012 report, and when it comes to fashion brands, Michael Kors takes the crown topping Louis Vuitton and Gucci. We’re pretty sure it helps spike search results when your brand name is dropped by Nicki Minaj in a song with a hook that says "ass" repeatedly. Check out the full list below. 

1. Michael Kors
2. Louis Vuitton
3. Gucci
4. Ralph Lauren
5. J.Crew
6. Chanel
7. Prada
8. Juicy Couture
9. Burberry
10. Tory Burch

 [via refinery29]

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