Sweatpants aren't known for being the pinnacle of construction or quality, they're just known for being comfortable as hell. But these days, with pieces from designers like Rick Owens and Alexander Wang fetching hundreds of dollars, and tailored offerings from brands like Club Monaco and Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen actually looking stylish rather than sloppy, it's safe to say that they're making somewhat of a fashion comeback. Especially in Philadelphia.

With all these new sweatpants offerings available, it can be hard to determine what you're paying for. Is it actual quality or simply hype? That's why we asked American Giant creative director Philipe Manoux to compare their new sweatpants, which launched today at a price of $69, to a competitor's, which retail for $85. American Giant's wares are made in the U.S, from a beefy fleece fabric, and still manages to be affordable. Manoux highlights the differences between the two pairs, and tells us what really goes into a well-made knit. Check out Five Things That Make American Giant Sweatpants Awesome.