Dockers hit the nail right on the head when they launched their Alpha Khakis, successfully combining fit, quality, and affordability. It's no surprise that we saw ourselves racking up on multiple pairs. Then, they released a camouflage version, which instantly became one of this past summer's most hyped items. That's why they're about to put lightning in a bottle with their newest drop.

In addition to the classic green jungle camo, they're releasing a khaki desert camo and gray urban camo version of these pants. They're $64 each and currently available at Nordstrom, but expected to drop soon at Urban Outfitters and To accompany the other releases in their Holiday 2012 collection, they've debuted the "Get Dressed Like You Mean It" campaign, documenting how modern men of style wear the pants—literally. 

Check out this exclusive video of how fashion writer Sean Hotchkiss rocks his camo Dockers Alpha Khakis. Maybe you'll learn something insightful about how to upgrade your own personal style.