Where It Came From: Scandinavia
...BUT WHY? Some dudes get off on it, others just really, really like the fit.

Around 2008, really creepy videos started to emerge on YouTube of men taking videos of themselves in a jeans brand called "Mustang Skinline." Sure, skinny jeans were on the rise then... but these things were pretty much jeggings. Even worse, they were high-waisted jeggings. And on the pause-worthy tip, many of the comments on these videos of dudes showering and walking in fields with their super-tight jeans are definitely thirsty. Mustang Skinline was a jeans line from the '80s that are no longer produced, but there are still people really dedicated to the brand. Take this old guy for example, who has like 50 pairs. If you're so inclined to purchase vintage pairs or similar fitting jeans, there are sites like Gijo Jeans to cop them... if you dare.