Where jeans end and khakis begin, there is a sweet spot, that is just a step above denim and light-years from pleated cubicle-wear. Like a typical middle-child, Dockers® Alpha Khakis are the trailblazers of the family, the first of their kind. They are rooted in tradition and years of craft and design, and yet they are also bold enough to break the rules and make their mark on the world. Distinctive, radical, and stylish, the Alpha Khaki is the first of a new generation of khakis for the next generation of men. By combining a slim, tapered fit with rugged construction and jean sensibility, Dockers® has liberated khakis; These are not your dad’s trousers. Get Dockers® Alpha Khakis in the Impulse Zone at Macy’s or online at macys.com/dockers.