Outlier is just doing what Outlier does with this new Doublefine Merino Cardigan. At first glance it might look like just your ordinary shawl collar cardigan from The Gap or some shit, but nah, Outlier don’t play that. This thing has all of the tech and gizmos that you’ve grown to expect from our overachieving friends. Supposedly this cardigan can withstand a bunch of wears and won’t kill you with the unbearable stink projecting off of it, which is fucking perfect for me after I have to pull this thing out of the hamper because my mom never got around to washing any of my shit. You’ve never done it? Don't be a dick and pretend like you've never drafted some straight outta the hamper in dire (read: not so dire) times. You can grab the sweater from Outlier for $240 and don’t fucking judge me.