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Ever had delusions of being a drug overlord? You can now channel your inner coke dreams with a line of t-shirts dedicated to the most infamous Colombian of all time—Pablo Escobar. The label, Escobar Henao, is named after the drug kingpin himself and was started by his son Sebastian Marroquin, who's since changed his name to avoid being murked by association. The t-shirts are apparently a hit in some of Mexico's heaviest drug-run states and feature images of Escobar's student ID card and driver's license, among others.

To avoid criticism of glorifying drug trafficking, Marroquin also added messages on the tees "to provoke reflection," such as "What's your future looking like?" and "Nice pace, but wrong way," but researchers still say the label glamourizes cartel culture among the eyes of Mexico's youth. Let's be real for a moment and recognize that millions of kids are exposed to violence and drug references through mainstream media every day, and how many of them go on a drug-fueled shooting rampage? But I digress. So if you're into this sort of stuff, the overpriced shirts are available now at Escobar Henao's website.