In the wake of last night's final Presidential debate, its nice to look back at the one that came before it. Photographer Reese Allen was coincidentally in Washington, D.C. on a photo assignment during the 2008 presidential election, and while he was denied a media pass, he decided to shoot anyway. He arguably captured some of the most compelling, heartfelt images from the event. 

Fstoppers gathered 20 of his awesome photos and asked him about the experience of shooting the event and sneaking into media areas. He says,

"Following much deliberation, I headed out with one small camera bag, my new Nikon D-700 and a handful of memory cards in order to capture history. Once inside the park, it was a surreal environment. Perhaps I looked the part, maybe it was the grey hair or my confident stride, but I gained access inside the roped areas and roamed wherever I wanted to capture these images."

Read more of what he had to say and see the rest of his photos here.

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[via Fstoppers]